Lifestyle Newborn Photography at home, Bangkok/ Flowery Branch GA

Inspiration: Pure, sweet, tender, love. Whenever I’m shooting a newborn session, I’m recalling that intoxicating love I felt for my son those first few weeks after his birth. There really is nothing like it. Evoking those intense emotions I felt really helps me see everything about the baby from the perspective of the new parents. That’s totally my inspiration in my newborn sessions, but really it goes beyond and inspires my family and maternity sessions too.

Favorite Element: I loved the high ceiling and large, tall window in the main living room. It brought in beautiful natural light and we ended up doing most of the session in there. Not to mention, they have such a beautiful city view right out of their living room which can give us a cool shot and remind them about their home and environment and also their art collection in their private second floor gives us a cool and modern look.

Biggest Challenge: I have to admit, there a few breaks here and there for this session. The baby was alway awake most of the time, she cried from time to time but she did not have a breakdown. I let mom feed her when she needed and the baby was fine. She cooperated quite well in a very short time span but I have to admit that she did great for her being three weeks old. I fee like she knew and she just wanted me to photograph the way she is which you can see from the photos. I actually hardly move her much at all. I let her being herself and that is how I feel the connection of me and her.

I love love this session so much, gorgeous family and gorgeous home and it is one of my favourite shootings!

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